I was saddened yesterday....first time since Blake started Kindergarten.

Blake, on the way home from school, told me that a boy reached over and pulled up Blake's t-shirt to make fun of him that he wore diapers to school. {Sometimes the diapers peek out above his jeans....we try so hard to hide them....but they are size 6....hello....hard to hide all the time, short of wearing overalls...but those went out in the late 90's!}

I flipped a U-turn in the car to head straight back to his classroom. I was furious...not that a child had teased him. That is going to happen. I was furious that a child had invaded his personal space by pulling up his t-shirt to expose what we were trying to keep a secret. It was like the kid reached over to me and yanked my heart right out of my chest.

I talked to the teacher, who by the way is being wonderful to Blake, and she said she would make a call to that child's father to explain what happened. We decided we would talk to his classroom next Tuesday and explain that Blake was just made a little different....and just like we don't make fun of people who have blond hair or black hair....or someone who wears glasses or uses a wheelchair....we don't make fun of people who wear diapers. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the kids accept it well. Most should. Once educated, children can be very caring and show concern.

I received a phone call from that father yesterday afternoon. He was embarrassed. Embarrassed that HIS child was the child to make fun of someone with a disability. He said he was sorry and ashamed. I thanked him for his apology and reminded him that kids will be kids and that when teasing occurs it is a great opportunity for us to teach our children compassion. I appreciated his phone call....I appreciated his embarrassment {I told him that I would be equally embarrassed and have been when my children have been the offenders without realizing it.} I appreciated that he said he would sit down and talk to his child about his actions that hurt another child's {and mother's} feelings.

I knew it was going to happen....I just didn't know it would hurt so bad.


  1. I totally cried. I know Kailtin doesn't have any physical disabilites, but one of my worst fears is for her not to be accepted. When I see children teasing other children, it makes me sad that a little piece of their innocence is lost. Not just for one party in the teasing, either-the child that has been able to find fault in another and the child that has been betrayed by a fellow human being. It is so sad. I'm glad that you and the other parent are wise enough to use this as a teaching moment and not just a brush off.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one that totally cried when I read this. Poor Blake. I felt so bad for him. Don't you just want to keep your kids in a bubble for their whole lives. I know I do! You really handled it with grace. I don't think I could have been so collected. Way to go April!

  3. My heart is breaking for you. There is nothing worse than having your baby (and when I say baby I mean child, but they're always our babes) hurt, whether it be physically or emotionally. Kids can be so mean and I hope your sweet boy is okay. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

  4. How upsetting for the both of you! Kids can be so mean. I wish it weren't so!
    I too had tears reading this. I'm glad to hear the dad gave you a call. I'm sure that was hard for him. I bet the talk with the class will go well!

  5. At least you had the sense to accept the apology. It hurts, but it's not cause for anger. You informing the teacher will help her inform. You informing the father will help him inform the other parents he knows. It'll be a domino effect....have patience and acceptance. Nice work. :)

  6. Grandma's cry too ~ because it's hard to see your kids deal with difficult situations in their kid's lives. Heavenly Father sent Blake to the right home. It's good Blake could tell you. That's important!

    Love, Mom

  7. All I can say is that i'm so sorry Blake has to deal with this. And the hurt you feel as a mom made me cry. I can say I would have flipped that car around too. Thanks for sharing something tha I know does pull your heart right out of your chest. Madeline has been teased so much in school and for no apparent reason. I cam emphazise somewhat with you. Love Beck

  8. As I was reading this I wanted to jump through the computer screen and go find this kid to kick his butt...so I was pretty humbled to read about how gracefully you handled it. I'm so glad that the dad was taking action and not just making excuses for his kid. I hope all goes well with the talk with his class.

  9. i know your pain. but try and keep in mind that kids are WAY more willing to move past these things than we as adults are. it will be forgotten soon.

    good for you for talking to the teacher and making a plan to educate.

    good for the dad for calling. that took courage. hopefully they used it as a teaching tool for their kid. and doubly hope they taught their kid with kindess.

    have you thought about buying underpants to go over his diapers? so that is what pops out instead of the diaper?

  10. i'm so sorry that happened to blake. it sounds like you handled it with such grace, though, and so proactively. thankfully he has a momma who is right there on his side.

  11. Wow - my heart dropped to the pit of my stomach just reading about this - I hate that people are cruel - why are kids like that? One of my sons still has night time problems and I am so worried that someone will find out and make fun of him. Oh - how our hearts are connected to our children.

    I think you are a wonderful example and I am so glad that the teacher is so supportive and that the father of the offender was humble enough to call you.

    Just wanted you to know that I was feeling with/for you.

  12. I just want to let you know that I totaly feel for you. My oldest is almost 15 now, but when she was in first grade she still had wetting accidents at school. Her teacher was a nieve, pregnant newlywed that actually thought that the pee "germs" could make someone become sick! it's not as of she was wetting and then sitting on peoples laps. The school made a big deal about sending my little girl to the school nurse to go potty when all the other kids were going to recess. all the other kids knew what was going on. When I asked my 6 year old why she didn't go to the bathroom to go potty, she said that the teacher wouldn't let her go during class time. I didn't know what to do about our situation, but I think you handled your situation wonderfully!


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