JUST CALL ME STUPID (I know harsh word...but it is fitting). I had a mammogram back in 2005 that came back with some suspicous areas. I was to follow up with another mammogram and never did. Since that time I had started noticing some larger lumps/masses in both my left and right breasts. They became really noticable over the summer. So much so, that I started talking about them. This weekend, while camping, Dave, who was trying to get a little frisky in the tailer (it's OK...we are married!) said with shock...."YOU NEED TO HAVE THAT LOOKED AT AS SOON AS WE GET HOME." He was scared and it scared me.

Yesterday, I called the OB/GYN doc and explained my symptoms. They scheduled my appointment for a breast examine, and after finding my mammogram results, also scheduled an ultrasound of my breasts for 9:30 am today. I was scared...I was nervous. Life as I had known it could be completely changed at 9:30 a.m. I didn't go to bed last night until after 2:00 a.m. It was like I wanted that night to last forever. Part of putting off that appointment was from fear...and that was stupid. THAT was my biggest fear last night...that I might had put off something so important for so long that could have been detected so much earlier.

I woke up this morning with a heavy heart. I had the air conditioner blasting in my car the whole way to my doctor's appointment. I was sweating I was so nervous. And on top of it...I had 10 ladies meeting me at my house at 10:30 a.m. for our Chicks in Aprons get together right after my appointment. My girlfriend asked if I wanted to cancel but I said, "who better to be around if it is bad news...than girlfriends."

My ultrasound checked out OK. I do have a few larger lumps/masses that my doctor would like to check again in 3 months, but PHEW....what a relief. But why I am posting this is because I learned a few very important things today that I want to pass on.

FIRST....self breast examinations are very important. Don't fear doing the examination because you fear what you might find.

SECOND....follow up immediately if you notice your breasts changing or any lumps/masses. Don't put that off either because of fear.

THIRD...(this info would have brought me some comfort last night had I known) Breast cancer is usually painless...I had tenderness. It also causes indentations or dimpling....mine are larger and swollen looking. And last, usually breast cancer is one lump not two or three in both breasts.

Ladies....check yourself tonight. If you aren't comfortable doing it...have your husband help. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind! In this month of thanksgiving....I am so thankful my boobies are...well



  1. Glad you went and eased your mind. That's very good advice for everyone - and that third point of yours I didn't know either. I examine myself everyday...but that's because I'm nursing the wee one and my life is consumed with BOOBS. Ugh.

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  3. You are your own best advocate....so glad everything turned out okay....nothing is scarier than hearing the C word....but it seems like even it were to be the worst case scenario you have an amazing support sytem...and Go Hubbers for being so attentive...I told my hubby he is my self check partner....I'm more comfortable with him than a friend...why not right????

  4. Ohmygosh, I'm glad they don't think it is anything.

    I cancelled my mamagram over 5 years ago. I still need to do it :(

  5. Thanks for the reminder. I am glad that you are OK. I can only imagine the fear you were experiencing. What a nice Doc to get you in so quickly!

  6. So glad it was relieving news! Good reminder. Some boobs are just naturally cystic (prone to get lumpy especially with hormonal fluctuations). I always worry that I would not be able to tell a bad lump from the normal ones but I am told the bad type feels quite different. Will just keep feeling myself up then ;)

  7. so glad to hear everything went well!! great post, everyone can always use a reminder.

  8. Glad it was good news! Phew.

    I felt a little pea size bump in my booby a few years back,when I was 29. I had a feeling it was from where my underwire was always poking me BUT went in anyway. Better safe (& a little embarrassed)than sorry!


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