SO MUCH TO DO.....NOT ENOUGH TIME....SO MUCH ON MY MIND.....NOT ENOUGH BRAIN SPACE! That is how I am feeling this Monday morning. I have a to-do list for FunkyVintageKitchen, a to-do list for our office, a to-do list for my home, a to-do list for moi. I just feel like going out and sitting on my front porch....because that is what I do when I am overwhelmed. Just ask Dave. He found that out one day in Delaware when we were first married and there was just too much to do one Saturday. He couldn't find me anywhere, then came outside and asked what I was doing there....just sitting on the front porch! I think I finally came down a notch on his "April seems perfect" image of me....much more HUMAN is what I really am.

While searching google for the perfect picture of a girl sitting on her front porch with her elbows on her knees and hands under chin looking completely defeated {which I never found}, I did find these front porches that I wouldn't mind sitting on!

After finding these lovely front porches it makes me want to go tackle my to-do lists....including number 4 that says, "find tile guy to finish installing black honed slate on my front porch with rock up pillars since hubs broke his arm"!
It also adds another item to my to-do list though....figure out how to make those crepe paper spheres hanging from the porch ceiling in the first picture.
I'm off to tackle all my to-dos. Happy Monday all!


  1. oh I BIG red puffy heart love that last one...i cold spend all day there.

  2. ooohhh nothing like a comfy porch to put everything into perspective...love love love the puff balls in the first one....ooohhh....wait....I think that was a creative Idea that just passed through my mind...yep...thanks....

  3. OK April, I admit I have been lurking and reading your blog for a week or so now. Now I come out of hiding to say hello! I thank you for the pumpkin cheesecake recipe -- it'll be a star at our Thanksgiving dinner-- and also, I have a friend who makes the tissue spheres and I will ask her if she knows of some instructions online somewhere.

    Did you notice that all those cute porches have something red on them? Even if it's just the American flag. So cute. It tells me what I need to do to spice up my porch: RED! I too sit on my porch when overwhelmed, I thought it funny that we are alike in that way. I have this great swing that just compels my spirit to relax and de-stress. I love it, too darn much! :-) I even sit out there when it's 20 degrees out, wrapped in a blanket with some hot chocolate!

    Sounds like you and your family are well and happy-- so glad to have "found" you on the web!

    Drop me a line sometime if you have a sec. (ingridsorensen@mac.com). If and when I start a blog (I'm getting close... just worried I won't keep up with it, and being an avid blog-reader, I know how frustrating it is to see blogs that never get updates, which is why I love yours so much: always new news! Congrats on being at the top of my 'blogs to check' list!)..... anyhow, as I was saying, if and when I start a blog, I'll be sure to let you know!

    Do take care!

  4. Oh I love porch #3. Good luck with all your "to-do's" today.

    I think I've given up on trying to be/look perfect and am now going to just embrace the cynical side of me... And then check your blog to get some positive influence. You're a good example of what I should be. It's just sooo much work! :)

  5. Oh, please figure out how to make those crepe paper spheres hanging in the first picture. I NEED THOSE!!!

  6. Never let it be said I didn't ever give you anything:
    Instructions on how to make the crepe paper "poofs". I have been meaning to try this for ages:
    I go on my computer when I am overwhelmed. It was just to be a "quick check" and you completely derailed me. :P

  7. Hey April! Amy knows how to make those paper spheres. She did them for Jaime's baby shower. I think she got the idea from Martha Stewart. Can't wait for this Friday!!!

  8. I am so totally jealous that you even have a front porch- I NEED one. ;) Nice pics, I will have to put a bug in Ken's ear.

  9. April,
    Remember when you accidentally called me Mom at Dr. Lies' office one day and you told him that Mom was an acronym for Manager Of Many? Well Mom IS a manager of many...things. I raised you with a to do list...now get to it girl!

    Love, your mother MOM!!!


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