YUP.....THAT WOULD BE ME. What kind of woman am I? What kind of mother am I? The kind that cares so much that my kids eat their dinner that I would lie to get them to eat what was on their plates? Yup. ME. And it isn't the first time. Here's the thing....I love white cheddar mac~n~cheese from Trader Joes. My kids hate it. BUT....my kids love butter and cheese pasta. Soooo....I made the first tonight as a side dish, but when dishing it up casually asked, "Kids....butter and cheese pasta?" Both said yes and ate it all up. In fact, Blake's bringing the leftovers in his thermos today for lunch! I also used to tell Kaia that the tofu in miso soup was chicken....not only would she eat all of hers...she wanted mine too. That was fine by me...I could go with or without tofu in my miso soup!
ANOTHER LIE....I didn't quite get all my aprons up on my etsy store....it takes so freakin long to write the description, upload the pictures and post the item....but so worth it once done! I'm still working on posting them a little at a time. It is getting faster with each post. I shouldn't be complaining....it really is a great place! I heart etsy and all the handmade goodies there.


  1. you know...those little white lies...I think we should come up with a new name for them....b/c calling them lies...just make them sound yucky....when you really aren't.....

  2. i wouldn't call those lies i would more refer to them as the "power of suggestion". it's all for the good of your kids...not hurting a thing.

    love the pants on fire though, hilarious!

  3. Another Mother of the Year award presented to Mrs. Kennedy!

  4. Don't feel bad, I used to tell William (when he was 3 or so) that the park was closed (during the middle of the day, mind you) so I wouldn't have to take him.

  5. LOL
    I got a good laugh out of your post and the comment from lmhiserman. This is SO something I would do too! But I don't like the word "lie" either. We should come up with something else!


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