I am so excited for this Christmas! I have always loved Christmas, but since I have started exploring my creative side more these last few months I feel even more excited for Christmas. The thought of giving a lovingly handmade gift excites me. The thought of purchasing something handmade to give as a gift excites me. And, the thought of these handmade lovelies coming in the mail to decorate my packages excites me!

I purchased both the handmade bows and handmade pom poms from two different etsy shops. I would link them, but I got the last ones....sorry. I was even lucky enough to find the wrapping paper pictured above at Target! Woohoo.

Take the handmade challenge this Christmas season. Try making something, purchasing something handmade or wrapping with handmade items. You will feel a stirring in your soul that comes with creating and supporting those that create! Merry Christmas!


  1. Those will look great on a Christmas present! They would be easy to make. I think I might have my girls make some!

  2. I love that paper...I might have to make a trip to Target myself. We did 'kid-made' gifts one year...we had the 4 year old (then 2) paint magnets for all the aunts and female cousins. I figured it's useful and homemade. :)

  3. Very cute stuff! Love the pom poms!!! I just looked at your aprons and I totally love the two Christmas ones... trying to talk the hubby into ordering me one. :)

  4. If I hand-wrap your gift will that count? (as opposed to paying someone to do my wrapping!)

    Love, Mom


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