We recently had our school carnival at Northwood. The kids look forward to going to this every year. This year was Blake's official first year and Kaia's first unofficial year as she has moved on to the dreaded Middle School (which is turning out to be OK).

At the carnival there was a station set up that classmates could write mail to each other. Once the note was written it would go in a mail box and then would be distributed around to classrooms. Let me just tell you, I HEART KAIA! What a sweetie she is. She wrote 11 messages to Blake. She wanted him to feel important and even in one message wrote, "now people will be jealous of all your letters." Her intentions were good! Here are three I loved.

(She knows she spelled 'want' wrong...she said she was in a hurry so he wouldn't see every time!)

So how cute is the sleepover invite and what about 'you are growing up so fast'? I think my favorite though was 'it makes you, you'! What a little mother she is. I couldn't have wrote one any better than she did. Good job, Big Sis!


  1. That is so sweet! What school does Blake go to? Oh have you seen the longer "Bret, you've got it goin on" video?

  2. I love these April. You must have wanted to just squeeze her to pieces. I love when my kids are kind to eachother...when they look out for eachother. GREAT girl you've got. :)

  3. Adorable! She is such a sweet big sister!!

  4. that is so sweet, she is such a sweetheart. I bet Blake loved it

  5. Northwood was the best :) I can't believe that Kaia is in freakin' middle school!!!! What sweet sweet notes...it makes my heart feel like bursting.


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