these {catheters}....they are everywhere, probably too everywhere....but what can you do. They are in our shower, our master bath sink {clean of course} and the front bath sink {needs to be cleaned}. I am always surprised when someone says they can't find a catheter. Are you kidding me....I think! I even found one in the backyard once. Blake requires clean catheterizing every 3-4 hours to help empty his bladder completely. When asked why there was a catheter outside he responded, "I wanted to pee in the bushes, mom!"

When Blake was a baby, cleaning catheters was mine and Dave's least favorite job. Sometimes there would be over 20 catheters in the sink. My mom, bless her heart, would go straight to the bathroom when she would stop by to visit and clean catheters for us. That was a treat. We are better at it now, but I think she still goes down there to check every once in awhile!

You might also see this when at our house....

That is not a penis folks...it is suppose to be a catheter. This was Blake's very first coloring book. We received a package in the mail, which was sweet of Mentor, the supplier, to send, but I burst out crying when I saw this. Did this have to be Blake's very first coloring book....c'mon. I have wanted to throw it away so many different times, but for some reason just can't. It is actually filled with really good information and shows how the catheter enters the penis, goes up to the bladder and empties the urine. He might be interested some day at where that thing goes when he puts it in! He also has just started to ask us to take pictures of the scar on his back so he can get a good look at it! Smart guy! Many jokes have been made at our house about Toobie the Catheter!

AND FINALLY, the last thing that you might see when at our house, at a restaurant, in my purse, at the beach, in our car, in a backpack, at my sister's house sitting on her counter, in my parent's guest bathroom is this.....

the lubricant used with the catheters. At one point we were receiving two tubes a month! There is nothing more embarrassing than being at a clothing store and having your toddler dump out your purse and there lying on the floor are two tubes of KY Jelly. I would just look at strangers and think...that's right people...we do it anywhere! C'mon...I've got a toddler....that is the last thing on my mind. My sister's friend thought she had "caught" them just finishing up the act with a house full of kids, when she stopped by and saw it sitting on her counter {they were watching Blake for the weekend}. And my parent's poor guests, when they open the cabinet in the guest bathroom they will probably think my mom and dad are giving them an invite to break in the guest bed!

I was so glad when the company...about a year ago....switched to SURGILUBE!


{Note to self....replace Mom's KY in guest bath with Surgilube!}

OCTOBER IS SPINA BIFIDA AWARENESS MONTH...if you are considering or trying to become pregnant, please start taking folic acid NOW. Neural tube birth defects usually form before a mother even knows she is pregnant. Folic acid is known to help prevent those types of birth defects!


  1. thanks for the tip on the folic acid.

    and for the educational post. i love that you can also find a little humor in it all.

    you. are. awesome.

  2. We know that you try out the KY....I loved the birth story post. I love birth stories! I also love Dr. King. He's was great delievering Kirra and Teagan. For Tristan we had different insurance, and had to go to St. Helena. Tristan's labor was the easiest, but Kirra and Teag's were wonderful because of Dr. King and his wife.

  3. So.... I have to ask.... how does it FEEL to be a Kennedy? ;o)

    On a serious note, thanks for letting me know about Spina Bifida month. Thank you for finding humor in your every day life, your son is very lucky to have such a wonderful mommy! The phallic symbol on the catheter coloring book had me in tears laughing! Too funny. =)

    I have a blog (kidzorg.blogspot) that I will begin putting stories on once the professional layout is up. It's for children with serious health concerns and/or special needs. I'd love for you to share your son's story if you'd like. Email me if you're interested. kidzorg.blogspot@gmail.com.


  4. thanks for the post, i found you on sits and i love your etsy shop and you family blog is one of my favorites. i like that you are honest and that you put humor in with your posts. we all need that.

  5. Hello...linked here from SITS!

    What a great post! I can only imagine the looks on the faces of people coming across tubes of KY in various places. I'll never forget the first time I saw it in my former MIL's bathroom cabinet. I just about died!

    Can't wait to come back and visit often!

    Auds at Barking Mad!

  6. You are a good example of how to find humor in life's challenges!

  7. Yes I do still go down to the bathroom to check out your "laying around catheters!" Thought I was slyer than that - you are very aware of your caths :o) When you bring the surgilube, bring a new cath. I hope you know how proud we are of your little family.

    Love, Mom & Dad

  8. Okay, you had me laughing...you are FUNNY! And what a great attitude! You have such a sweet little fam...I'm glad SITS introduced us! =)

  9. What a great post! I can only imagine the looks on the faces of people coming across tubes of KY in various places.


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