I was out scouring garage sales again today and stopped in at a local consignment shop. As I was perusing the breakables a very old man said, "Lady, can I ask you a question?" I said, "Sure." "Do you cook," he asked? Now how the heck am I suppose to answer that question! I mean I do...but just started AND he was holding a large pan in his hands. I hesitantly said, "yes?" like I was even questioning myself. He asked me what the pan in his hands was for. Well lucky for me the very, very small tag said, "Paella Pan...$8.00". I very confidently replied, "Sir, that is a paella pan." I felt so proud of myself. AND then he got me...."what is paella," he said? Again kind of like a question, I replied "a rice dish?" He wanted more details and I really didn't have anymore to tell him. So I finally confessed. "I would like to say that I am a cook, but to tell you the truth I just started cooking for my family a few weeks ago. We are doing good though. Only eating out every once in awhile instead of every day. Maybe I should try paella one night." He quickly caught on that I was not going to be able to answer any more questions and he moved on to the next lady. Phew.

As soon as I got home I googled "Paella". I was so excited to see 'rice' in the ingredients!


  1. The only thing I know about Paella is that Mrs. Kostanza makes it on an episode of Seinfeld. So I'm very impressed that you knew it had rice, you're one up on me!

  2. I grew up eating Paella. It is super yummy, but it isn't the easiest meal to prepare. I haven't actually made it myself but I have helped my dad make it.

    I found you over at SITs! I have a few easy to make kid friendly recipes on my blog if you are interested.

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Found you at SITS.

    LOL about the Paella. I would have not been much more help than you. I only cook under duress. :)

  4. Too bad I don't have a cell phone... but wait! What's this? Stephanie's getting a cell phone this week?! Wow. What a lucky gal.

  5. So funny! I've never cooked Paella either...and I've been cooking for my family these 12 years!


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