Here is how I teach my children RIGHT from WRONG. Driving in car and Kid Rock's All Summer Long comes on the radio....

RIGHT: turn music way up and sing along to every word at the top of our lungs...can you just hear it now...Blake in the backseat.

WRONG: at the end of the song, turn radio off, face my kids and say, "DON'T you ever do any of those things."

I am contemplating writing Dave and mines love story to that song. It would go something like this....

It was 1986 my skirt was short my legs were long...a cheerleader who only wanted her first kiss. He was 14, a punk rock surfer with a dream, we were standing at the high school locker gate.

What do you think...should I keep going?

(Hubs does NOT approve of above teaching method just to keep it clear!)


  1. Oh how true is that about the song...I belt out so many songs that I would NEVER approve my daughter doing! LOL Too funny!

    Thanks for coming by on Friday! I just got back in town and having a blast visiting everyone who stopped in! LOVE your blog!


  2. Just kidding...can I still have the candle?

  3. Definately keep going, I'm already intrigued by just the first couple lines! About the coneheads...if I recall, didn't you borrow them from Cindy Turner? (It was the clothes we borrowed from my dad!)

  4. LOL! Keep going and I love your right and wrong! I know it sometimes kills me to hear my girls singing certain lyrics (even if they don't actually get what they are singing).

    I remember jamming out to songs with questionable lyrics and I turned out..........fine. :)

  5. I'm curious? Keep going!

    Stopping over from SITS, gotta love it!

  6. LOVE IT!!!

    i totally apporve this method of teaching. never pass a teaching moment! eveah! ;)

  7. You should totally keep going!
    I want to hear the rest!


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