Sleepy Head

The other night I had a "little high school fun revisted". When I was in high school I used to love coming home late in the evening and tormenting my little sister, Jill, who was already fast asleep. I was often known to go in and wake her up and tell her that it was time for school or better yet go set her alarm so she would wake up herself and start to get in the shower when it was really 12:30 am. I got in trouble quite a bit for this fun and one particular evening my mother was not going to have it. The problem was...I didn't start anything...I was just an innocent bystander but got blamed shamelessly for it. Here is the story.

Jill had gone out babysitting on a Friday night. I had gone out with friends and when I got home, I headed down the hall for bed. My mom was in her bed reading, with a direct view down the hallway. Dad was watching TV in the family room. As I walked down the hallway I noticed Jill's light was on in her bedroom. When I peaked in I could tell she had been asleep and was still not really awake. She was sitting on her bed and I asked her what she was doing. She proceeded to pick up the $10 bill she had earned babysitting that night while still sitting on the edge of her bed and actually tried to put the $10 bill on as underwear. Yes, you read right...underwear. She had her knees pulled up to her chin and her little toes pushing on the $10 bill as she held it taut between her hands. I instantly started to giggle. My mom yelled down the hallway for me to leave Jill alone and I quickly told her I was doing nothing to her. Jill kept asking me how to put on the underwear ($10 bill) and by this time, I was crying and laughing, but trying to stay somewhat composed so she wouldn't fully awake herself. She then demanded that I go ask Dad how to put "this" on.

As I was running back down the hall to get my dad, my mom was still yelling at me to leave Jill alone. I was crying and laughing so hard, you know...legs crossed kind of laughing, that I could hardly explain to my dad what was needed. He had heard mom yelling at me and decided to just reiterate what mom had said and told me to leave Jill alone. I couldn't for the life of me get anyone to go see Jill tyring to put on a $10 bill as underwear. When I returned, alone, back to Jill's room, she was lying in bed, staring at the $10 bill and looking defeated. She couldn't figure it out. I told her Dad was no help and went to my bedroom still laughing my head off.

I tried for two days to tell my mom the REAL story of that night but every time I would try to tell the story I would start laughing so hard it wouldn't come out and my mom, who was still irritated, would have nothing to do with the story. She did not want to hear it. It took a whole month before I was allowed to tell the story of what happened that night but when it finally came out it was so worth it. I think we all laughed while Jill sat and cried. So sorry, Jill. This is one of my children's favorite stories to hear from my childhood.

So Monday night Kaia fell asleep in our bed while we were out watching TV. When I went to get into bed, I had to move her. She is getting way to big to try to carry so I had to wake her. She didn't wake really good. In fact, she was kind of startled and acting a little panicked trying to get out of bed. I knew it was my chance to have a little fun. As she got out of bed I quickly started yelling "run...run" to her. She took off running like a bat out of h.e.double hockey sticks to her bedroom. She was all panicky, running, actually jumping over a pile of clothes in her bedroom and all flustered. I instantly got the giggles. She quickly laid down and went back to sleep. I then jostled her and told her "no, it is time for school....get up and get in the shower." I was laughing so hard, Dave came down the hall to see what was going on. By that time, Kaia was awake and quite mad at me. Dave and I were laughing pretty hard, but Dave, like my mother, quickly told me to knock it off and let the poor girl sleep. Thankfully, Kaia didn't have any memory of it the next day. I didn't mention anything before school for fear that she would start to cry on me and get all mad. I did tell her last night as we were getting ready for bed. She actually thought it was funny and we all had a good laugh.

Thanks for being a good sport, Kaia. I'm sure there will be many more times that you will need to be a good sport with me as your mommy. Just wait until you start driving and I hide down between the front console and the front seat so no one can see me and lay on the horn like I did to Becky Murdock one day while we were driving by the football team that was out for practice when we were in high school!


  1. Remind me not to room with you at the next Time Out!!! LOL

  2. You are mean, but funny. Poor Kaia, she will soon learn how to do the tricks back so you be careful! Sorry I slack on the comments, I do read your blog everyday. I just love reading it, it is always making me laugh. I love the picture of Dave napping in the closet and you closing yours eyes to not see him give you the bird. I laughed out loud on that one. I miss you guys so much, I was telling Brock we need to plan a trip to come and see you guys. It is just finding the time that is difficult. Thanks for all your comments, love ya

  3. That isn't very nice to find your humor at the expense of your sister. That's OK...I got you back with cold water over your head in the shower...and mom always helped me! Poor Kaia...I am going to have to warn her. Love ya.

  4. You have something big coming your way April! You better watch your back! I hope Jill and Kaia do something sneaky and mean to you :) I'll help them.


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