So the local Saints Cheerleaders...you know the cute little done-up young ones, have a cheer that went through my head ALL.DAY.LONG. yesterday. It goes like this....

Left, left, left, right left.
My back aches.
My skirt's to tight.
My hips shake from left to right.
Mmmm, Mmmm, Saints have got the power. Whew!

Except my cheer went like this...
Left, left, left, right, left.
My back aches,
My house's a fright,
My head pounds from left to right.
Mmmm, Mmmm, Mommy is a mess. Whew!

I have started a huge sewing project and nothing is getting done around here. Not even the sewing! I am overwhelmed. Of course, last night would also be the night that the neighbors (a nice, older couple from next door) decide to come over around 7:45pm to say 'Hi' and see what fundraising items Kaia is selling. Hubs actually gives me in a very panicky voice, "the neighbors are coming up to the front porch" warning and I'm like "AT THE FRONT PORCH or coming to the front porch"...like how much time do I have to pick up. I quickly look around and think 'there is no way...I am kidding myself...where would I even start with maybe 45 seconds before the doorbell rings.' My house is freakin upside down. You can't see my dining room table because it is covered with probably 25 yards of all different kinds of fabric, homework and the rest of dinner is all over the kitchen island. My ironing board is up in the family room, and Kaia has just started to fold a huge load of laundry that is covering the sofa. And to top it all off, a chair, a very old, very lovely chair (teak with turquoise vinyl pads from the 50's...that will eventually join our outside furniture collection) is sitting in the middle of our kitchen because Hubs put it together for me to 'look at' over the weekend and it hasn't moved from that spot yet.

I welcome the neighbors in as graciously as I can while completely apologizing for this mess of a house they are seeing. {Seriously, my house is usually put together, with very few piles, for the most part.} Thank goodness they are the sweetest people. Kathleen pulls up a bar stool at the island as I make room for her to look through Kaia's fundraising catalogues and Gary, the sweet man that he is, sits his butt down right in the chair in the middle of the kitchen, like it was waiting just for him! We visit awhile as I casually try to look like I'm not doing anything but visiting, but really am trying to pick up a little here and a little there while smiling and responding! As they were leaving, something was said about the dining room table and Kathleen acts like she didn't even notice. Yeah right!

Oh well, I guess we all have days like yesterday. But seriously, you should have seen my house! Actually it still looks the same this morning. Want to stop by? Really, now that I think about it....please don't. Maybe I'll walk around my house today in my apron saying, "Bette Homemaker, eat your heart out" in my most sarcastic voice ever!

P.S. Even though I said, "No visitors, comments are still welcomed!"


  1. oh i have been there sistah friend...TRUUUUUST me. we all have.

    i actually had a friend pop in once and GASP at the mess that was my house. she was a frequent dropper-inner and she said, "OH my i don't think i have ever seen your house like this" i was sooo embarrasssed until she said, "ok we can be friends now" like we hadn't been friends before or something...she was relieved to see my mess. said she had been doing the stash and dash for years when she knew i was coming over.


  2. I totally thought you meant BLOG visitors and almost turned away. Except you can't really MAKE anyone leave your blog, so I decided that I wanted to see what you didn't want us to see.

    I think part of being real with people is letting them see you in all states. Assuming your yard doesn't look like a junkyard, they probably don't think you live like that 24/7.

  3. I thought you meant commenters at first! THen I had to find out why you didn't want visitors!

    Cute story! My house was a real disaster yesterday too, it is clean now only because I have people coming over tonight so I scrambled last night to get it picked up. I didn't dust though. I hate dusting!

  4. I would've been smart to invite someone to dinner so my house would be clean today! Instead, I promised Kaitlin a trip to the Library, which I seriously regretting now... I had so much fun AND I won something!!! Woo hoo... that rhyming paid off. You are such a cute little mother with your "My friend, Stephanie..." comments. I feel bad that I'm the one going, "Move! Moooove out of the chair! I want to enter first!!! I WILL bite you!" Maybe not so drastic, but you get the point. Thank you so much for pulling me into the SITS world, more importantly, the blogging world... wow, without you I'd have feeling in my bum... makes you think, huh?

  5. LOL! That cheer was too funny. I say let's all keep it real. We all recognize the "Oh my gawd I'm so busy and my family never picks up after themselves" look.

  6. Hehe...love the new cheer!

    It drives me nuts when people just show up. But at least they have to get out and open my gate, so I do have a few more minutes if things are out of place.

  7. I've so done that too...picking up while talking. The worst is when your visitor calls and says "I'll be right over" so you rush around a clean up as fast as you can and then they don't come inside...just hand you something through the front door and run. Ahhhh! Sometimes you can't win for losing.

  8. LOL!! I laughed so hard when I read your comment! You are hysterical!!

  9. Okay, so I was in a rush going through everyone's blogs last night because it's been a crazy week at work and home and just now got to read this post.

    I am so not a fan of drop by visitors. In fact I hide and don't answer the door if I don't feel like visiting with people--horrible, I know. And I say, if they don't have the courtesy to call first then they can have the pleasure of looking at my mess. It helps me get through those visits (if I actually open the door) guilt-free. ;)


I heart comments! Just one rule that I'm sure your momma taught you...if you don't have anything nice to say...please don't say anything at all!

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