Hubby took me to Cake Plate...a favorite clothing shop of mine in downtown Napa this weekend and treated me to this.....

I wore it to bed last night. It is the softest, most stylish sleep nightie I have ever worn. It's made of 100% Supima cotton and I have been looking forward to getting into it again all day. I'm going now to put it on and crawl into bed. See you tomorrow morning. {made by undrest.}

And does anyone know how to post a video from a camcorder onto a blog when you don't have the cables to go from camcorder to computer and your computer disk drive doesn't work? {ha...got you there huh!} I do have a laptop available with working disk drive but I only want one little part of the video to post....it is hilarious....and I can't figure it out. I've been trying for over 2 hours...which is why those pj's are looking so dang good right now. Any help/ideas would be wonderful.


  1. i'm behind on my blogging so i am here to catch up. lots of new goodness from you...love it!

    SUPER cute and comfy looking nightie!!

  2. oh and i am not ignoring your plea for help...i just don't have a solution. good luck!

  3. fun for you! love when hubby surprises me with fun goodies!

  4. Hey hey! Just visiting from SITS! Love the nighty - and the blog! Hope you're having a great day!

  5. ooooh! Looks so comfy! Love the charcoal color!
    Congrat's on your saucy-ness!

    "Nana's Box"

    Come by and checkout my giveaways going on til the end of the year!

  6. Oh, I love pj's! this one looks really comfy!

  7. I was downtown yesterday and just noticed cakeplate... is it super cute? It seems that you and them have something in common... don't tell my mother-in-law!

  8. get another digital camera and record off of your camcorder through the view finder, LOL, I would NOT do that, well maybe if I wanted to share bad enough. ;)

    Love the pj's


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