I wish I had something creative, touching or hysterical to say today to end out my week, but I am feeling like I just have a lot of little bits of emotions/thoughts that are here and there and they range from sheer frustration to sheer excitement.

Here are my two cents:

I got up early this morning to chat with Dave and make his lunch for him. We both ended up being a bit grouchy and bickered a little...that was a bummer.

My house is completely put back in order...that is refreshing.

I snuggled with Blake in his bed this morning before sending him off to school...that was comforting.

I have a pretty array of fabric that is waiting to be made into something lovely this weekend and by Monday should have a nice announcement on my blog about FunkyVintageKitchen...that is exciting!

It is Friday...that is...well that means tomorrow is a day off from the school schedule...and that is freeing!

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