Dear Mr. Kennedy,

I am so sorry about last night. First let me say though, how lucky I am to have you as my forever husband. And thank you for putting up with my crazy sense of humor sometimes.

I am so sorry that when I crawled into bed last night that I had bad breath...what did you call it...."butt breath?" Yeah, that's right. I am even more sorry that after you told me that I had "butt breath" that I leaned in really close to you, with my mouth aligned just perfectly with your nose and said, real slow, "I. LOVE. YOU." You squirmed and begged for me to go brush my teeth, but I was having way too much fun. As I leaned in closer to give you a hug, it was then that I did something so unforgivable....I licked the shoulder of your shirt, not once, but quite a few times so that when I went back to my side of the bed you would still smell me. I am quite sorry for that. Also, when you got up to change that shirt, because you figured it out....I licked your pillowcase. This took you a little longer to figure out, but when you did you quickly granted me forgiveness when I got out of bed to get you a new pillowcase, which I too licked again in the hallway before bringing it in to you (thinking the whole time that the laundry I would have to do today would be worth the fun).

I am so grateful though that you did not go through with your threat of taking my pillow and blanket and shoving it somewhere where you guaranteed it would smell like butt...I think this time though you used a bad word that started with 'a' and ended with an 's'. Don't worry, I won't tell the children. I am also grateful that when my playing turned into wrestling on the bed and you had me twisted like a pretzel and I was still trying to breath on you and lick you, that you quickly released me when I reminded you that boys are strong like trees and that ladies are flowers, gentle little flowers. You did let me go, when I said, "I'm a flower, I'm a flower!"

Please forgive me too for shoving my fingers up your armpits and asking if that tickled. I know you don't like that much and it was bad enough that we had to endure all the times Blake would catch us off guard by trying to tickle us, but really hurting us with his four fingers shoved up into our armpits.

One more apology. I am so sorry that I used by "butt breath" to take advantage of the opportunity to try to initiate...well you know...as Kaia has called it before, "colliding in bed". It was unfair of me to think that that would count 'one for me', when I knew you would turn me down.

Oh I do love you, and beg for your forgiveness, even though you are probably exhausted at work today, because I kept you up so late into the night with all my giggling. Maybe to make up for last night, instead of wearing an over sized t-shirt to bed, I'll put on a little something especially for you. If you do decide to forgive me, leave the bottle of Scope on the counter so I will know. I am so grateful that I am yours forever and you are mine.

All my love,

(thank you NieNie for the love letter idea!)


  1. Aaron and I laughed so much reading this but of course it led to Aaron's suggestion of me initiating one tonight. Too funny.

  2. I love reading your blog because I get to experience all different emotion. The previous post I cried and this one I laughed out loud. I love the relationship you and Dave have. I can totally picture all of this happening, even down to your faces you both were making. Well all but the colliding in bed part. :)

  3. Too funny! I hope he leaves the bottle of Scope out on the counter! Have a great weekend!

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!

  4. I hope your scope bottle is not empty. the bigger question is...what did you eat BEFORE bed?

  5. You're hilarious. I love how you torture your husband. I'm taking notes...

  6. soooooo funny!! i'm wondering, though, since this was over a month ago, did he leave out the scope?

  7. That is so funny! I'll have to try that next time I initiate...

  8. PRICELESS....butt breath!

    I bet he deep down lurved it!

    Too sweet!

  9. That was HILARIOUS! I'm still laughing...especially at the pillow case licking. I wasn't expecting that. hehe...


  10. Oooo you're mean. But funny. I'm new to your blog and this is the first post I've read, but I have a feeling your hubby would do the same to you! You guys seem hilarious!


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