It is things like the following that stop me dead in my tracks sometimes and reminds me that we are raising a special little guy and that not everything is normal in our household. While sometimes it makes me chuckle, it is sobering at the same time.

I just emailed a friend and it went like this....."We really need to get together more often. Kaia and Camrie are going to need each other as they deal with being older sisters to siblings with special needs. Plus, I would love to chat bladder/bowels with you!"

When was the last time you emailed someone to chat about bowel movements and bladder control and was UNDER the age of 40, let alone under the age of 6?! It's OK to chuckle...it does sound funny...but still a little reminder that sobers me up some days.


  1. Oh, I've had conversations like that...My son is autistic...it's been a huge adventure.

  2. as a women's health care provider I talk about bowel and bladder problems... among many other crazy things... every day! It is fabulous and I love it

  3. Well I talk about it...but it's usually me whining that when I cough I pee myself. Grrrr I know how the little guy feels. You're a tough mommy with a great family. Lucky kids!

  4. poop...one thing that brings us all together!

    great email! fun friend. nice to know you can go to people who are going through the same things. what a blessing and a comfort!

  5. Good Morning Mamarazzi...I'm glad your bedwetting pooch isn't DEAD...just "dead". And maybe there is a tiny bit of favoritism for my first born...but Oz really isn't that bad...I make him out worse than he is for comedy sake. I actually love the little guy too bits!!

  6. thanks so much for the welcome!! yep- i finally figured out how to get on there! you know one of my very good friends and i just discussed bladder control last night!!! pretty funny stuff!


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