....NO I'm not pregnant, just 15 pounds overweight! Now, don't fall off your chairs. Drum roll please.....We are still eating at home. I know some of you didn't have that much faith in me, but we are doing it! And loving it. People keep asking what we are having for dinner, so here is a run down for the week.

Monday - Fish tacos and somewhat homemade refried peruano beans
Tuesday - Orange chicken and homemade brown fried rice
Wednesday - Grilled salmon, grilled baby potatoes and asparagus
Thursday - Whole wheat veggie pizzas (minus the veggies for the kids)
Friday - Vegetarian chili and corn bread
Sat - Date night (not sure about kids yet)
Sunday - Good ol' whole wheat spaghetti, Caesar salad and garlic french bread.

This will also help in weeks to come when I am at a loss! I am also posting on my side bar some of our family favorite dinners to help me when I am stuck. Hope they help you too when you can't figure out what to have for dinner. Bon Appetit!

(About the title...I think Jim VonStetten is the only man that reads my blog. Smart man! If I am wrong correct me please. I would love to know. If there is more, I think I might have to have a man poll one week!)


  1. thanks for planning my next weeks dinners hehe I always have the week planned out but when i'm having a hard time thinking of ideas I'll steal yours :)

  2. You bet I read your blog...you're one of my kids! I have to know what you are doing and where you are all the time, right?


  3. I have a few recipes on my blog you can try that are 1. kid friendly and 2. easy to make. If you want to check them out I have a links to all of my recipes on my sidebar.


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