Tonight turned into "fun" family time. Mommy was doing the dishes and daddy was rolling on the floor with kids in tow laughing, wrestling and trying to force the kids to lick up the dog water that they spilled (kidding of course).

Next thing I know daddy is daring Kaia, for $20, to eat a piece of dog food. The very thought of it made me dry heave while they were talking about it, but I'll tell you...Kaia SHOULD try out for Survivor. That chick picked up the dog food, popped it in her mouth and started chewing. At one point she started to gag and went running for the kitchen sink, but being the good Survivor teammate that I am, I encouraged her to keep going to make it worth even putting the dog food in her mouth to begin with. She finished chewing and swallowed. Of course, I had to smell her breath and dry heaved again, but she did it. She is the proud owner of a crisp $20 bill! Here is her 'right after' picture....

and Blake wanted something funny to do to....so he was dared to put on mommy's boots and try to walk around!

I love when impromptu laughter comes from out of the blue and everyone has fun! {Although I'm not sure why Blake isn't laughing in the photo...he was hysterical before I snapped it - maybe nervous that it might be used against him in the future?...hmmm} Well, impromptu laughter...that, my friends, is something to write home about...errr.....blog about!

P.S. Kaia has brushed her teeth and used scope twice. Her breath is good to go and I think she would appreciate not being called "dog breath" the next time you see her!


  1. Twenty Bucks?!?!? My mom dared my brother to eat dog food for an extra scoop of ice cream! Times have changed... inflation, you know...

  2. SO funny!! what a fun family!

    i tagged you for a great little meme over on my blog. i hope you decide to play...i'll be keeping my eye out for it on your blog!

  3. This. Is. So. Great. And the boots picture? Blackmail FOR SURE. Man, I need to have some kids so I can play with their heads like this. It's so awesome. :) Thanks for stopping by! And good for you eating in so much! It's hard to do, but once you start, it's hard NOT to! :) Hope to see you again!

  4. haha...he is WORKING those boots! I think I'd eat dog food for $20 so if your hubby is still offering I'll take him up on the bet! haha

  5. YIKES...he looks ten time better and a hundred times steadier than I would wearing those boots...well that would be if I could get one of my hippolegs into them. Love the photo!

  6. Did you tell Kaia about the time you got out of the car in the middle of the night on Jefferson Street and mooned us? Only thing is, I don't think you were being offered money. I do remember someone trying to snap a picture though, it might be worth some money if it's floating around somewhere!

  7. I don't know if this will spark any memories, but what I remember is that we had been out doing the traditional t.p.'ing of football players houses the night before the Big Game. It was probably about two in the morning, and you just randomly got out of the car and mooned us in the headlights. Right over by Lucky's, I can picture it like it was yesterday!

  8. That's just tooo funny! I'm sorry but your boots just aren't Blake's color.


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