Why is it that the batteries in the smoke detectors always start to fail in the middle of the night? Why doesn't it start around say 2pm...you know give you enough time to determine which smoke detector is actually the one beeping before you enter sleep mode.

Well last night I was woken around 1:00am to a very faint...beep. I thought 'I can ignore this' and went back to sleep. Well I woke up at 2:10am 2:40am and 3:20am, each time either covering my head with my pillow or pulling the blankets up over my ears. At 3:20am I knew I should probably wake Dave to yank out that battery for the rest of the night. Somehow though I managed to fall back asleep. Well at 4:20am Dave got up and I mentioned, half asleep, "it's one of the smoke detectors." He walked around the house and then came back into the bedroom. "Which one is it," he said? I told him that it sounded really muffled and he should probably check Blake's room. Well when he opened Blake's door the noise was deafening. We removed the battery and placed the smoke detector in the front bathroom to deal with in the morning. We had just crawled back into bed when, would you believe, another faint beep. That thing, even without the battery would not shut up. Dave grabbed it and went straight for the garage. We both then climbed back into bed and tried to get another hour of sleep before our alarm was to go off.

When I went in to get Blake up this morning here is what he said. "Mommy, I am so tired. There was a really loud noise in my room ALL.NIGHT.LONG." I told him that I knew and was so sorry and for him to stay in bed.

Blake stayed home from school today and just asked me to read him a story so he could take a nap. Bless his little heart. I just might take a nap with him.

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  1. Ugh isn't that always the way???!!! It's especially fun when it is in the attic at 2am.

    And yes it's amazing how we can't quite get it together to fix it the first time we hear the beep when we are fast asleep so we have a night of interrupted sleep when we could have taken care of it hours earlier. (It's like when there is a kid lying diagonally in your bed kicking you in the head all night long) Don't forget to put the new battery in! Poor Blake. You are a nice mommy to let him stay home, it's awful to spend a day at school feeling exhausted.


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