...so I thought I would post some pictures from our summer vacation to San Clemente/Encinitas. We had so much fun.

We stayed with Auntie Diane in Encinitas the first three days and had a lot of fun.

Kaia rode Natalie's gravity board A LOT there!

Dave teaching the kids to surf. They both actually stood up the first day!

these were the stairs we had to walk down to get to the beach...

and then walk back up at the end of the day!

I love days spent at the beach.

Legoland was really fun AFTER we got the "exit pass". Blake was wiped out from the beach the day before. He didn't want to walk, he didn't want to wait in lines, he didn't like the noise. I was almost in tears within the first hour of being there and the only thing I could say to people why we were waiting in lines and Blake was throwing huge fits was, "aren't you glad he isn't YOUR child?" I went to the special services desk, explained Blake's disability and they handed us an "exit pass". It was heavenly. Our family took the pass, headed up the exit and got right on the ride. No waiting for the most part. We enjoyed the rest of our day! Here are the pics.

we headed to San Clemente on Wednesday and hit the beach that evening for the sunset.

we stayed here at this cute little beach cottage rental.

We went boogie boarding, played on the beach, enjoyed a visit from a friend and Dave and Kaia surfed.

Kaia actually became quite the sufer girl down in Southern CA...seriously I will post a slide show of the wave she rode ALL.THE.WAY.IN. Dave said he had waited his whole life for that moment. Kaia would have rather been surfing than doing anything else that trip!

San Clemente Pier is a beautiful to hang out. Crepes and swings right on the beach...what could be better.

and, last picture promise, our unpaid advertisement for Hurley... If you happen to see these adorable Hurley boardshorts hanging on a shower at San O'nofre State Park could you please return them to us. Bummer huh. Great vacation though!


  1. Looks like so much fun!!! your kids are so dang cute April.

  2. Beautiful family photos. I love the colours on the beach at dusk, it's such perfect lighting! It looks like it was the perfect break!


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