I have never really felt my true age...always felt younger of course. But maybe felt isn't really the right word. Maybe thought would be better. Because as I approach 40 here in the next few years...omgosh did I really just write 40...see that just doesn't look right, NO...I am still 26 in my heart of hearts, my body is telling me differently.

I can no longer sit indian style for more than 3 minutes. Not only do I have a hard time getting to a standing position from sitting indian style but my feet go numb now too. I would much prefer sleep over a late night social occassion. Are you kidding me?...I think and then quickly answer "yes...bed sounds so good." If I do stay up past 11:30pm, I am in serious need of taking an afternoon nap. When I dance around the house with my children, I am quickly out of breath. I am starting to realize just how wise my mom is as I start using her phrases on a regular basis. AND Yesterday, exiting Trader Joes, I had to pause at the curb and seriously think....where did I park? THAT was scary. I have to squint now to read something far away...especially in the evening hours....like my eyes are tired or something. 5 pounds is very hard to lose. I actually find myself explaining to people that I am getting older as an excuse for missing things or forgetting things. I tried to wear leggings the other day with a shorter dress....lets just say it didn't work. My bubble is bursting. I am getting older. Now, I am not saying in any means that 37 is old...it is just that my body is not as young feeling as it used to be.

On the bright side, people who don't know me still guess my age at 26 or 27, when I don't have Kaia or Dave with me. Actually at girl's camp 2 years ago someone thought I was 22. I did a sweet little happy dance over that one! AND I can still do a mean handstand, in perfect form and hold it.

Unfortunately as much as I tell myself I still feel 26 or 27, I am getting older. Today, Dave and I will be attending a second funeral in two weeks for a high school friend whose father has passed away. It is these kind of things that remind you that we all age. We are of the age now that we will be attending funerals. That is sobering. But just to remind myself that I can still act young, I will come home and do a mean handstand! I might even challenge Dave to a "how long can you stand on your hands handstand" just so we remember we are only 37, that's not old right?


  1. Hum...37..old? It's older than me!!haha...You made me laugh! You might be older than me but I guarantee you've got me beat in the handstand unless, that is, if we are in the swimming pool!!! I can hold my breath for a LONG time! Have a great day!

  2. Got aches and pains? Welcome to my world! 57...bones say 65...mind says 35
    Jim V

  3. Got aches and pains? Welcome to my world! 57...bones say 65...mind says 35
    Jim V

  4. I am stuck at 22, but then I am 32 so that is about right :)

    I actually feel a lot better then I did at 22 or any of the years from there up until 30 because during that time I was consistently pregnant/nursing/exhausted/chubby and now I am more rested and a lot more fit. Maybe in 5 years I will notice the difference since I will not have been comparing myself to my pregnant/lactating self by then.

    I am impressed at your perfect handstand. I have NEVER been able to do that!!

    I think you look 25 tops :) (Isn't it amazing how much younger people think you are when you are sans kiddies. When I went to SA alone earlier this year people thought I was a teenager. Boy did I love that. I think having kids ages you in more ways then one ;)

  5. Your comment about mooning people on my blog makes a lot of sense in this context...


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