Hubby says my music is NOT cool. He has hacked into my playlist and I thought I would "play" along for awhile to entertain him. He keeps threatening to pirate by blog! This is the closest he will get. I hope you enjoy his music for a time being...he actually put a few on there that are my favorites too....I LOVE HEART LOVE Blink 182!


  1. I didn't see your music before, but I'm sure it was cool:) I do however love Sum41 and AC/DC!

  2. ha ha ha.. I had to laugh when I read this. My hubby always says that I dooped him into thinking I liked cool music before we were married. Very funny.

  3. LOL...I feel like I am in my DH's car....he loves Sublime, Pantera, etc.

  4. OK I have to ask, was the Rob Zombie the hubby's idea too? Because he rocks! And, he is the NICEST guy in the entire world! Well, next to my hubby anyhow.

    I am sooo enjoying your blog. I really am!


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