I shared my testimony in church today. Half the youth had already stood and shared theirs. So I marched right up there and said, "I noticed it was Fast and Testimony YOUTH Sunday...so I thought I better get up here!" It was almost as good an opening as the one from another testimony that I started "Yes, I DID just walk in from the foyer", but that is entirely another story. For serious though, I was prompted by the Holy Ghost, my heart was thumping and my legs were shaky. I wanted to share our peace we have had in our family from reading the scriptures together and praying together. I shared one of my favorite quotes. "Studying the doctrine of the gospel fixes behavior, faster than studying the behavior itself." I cried while I shared my testimony of a loving Father in Heaven who knows each of us and loves us and also of our Savior Jesus Christ. Sister Graham got up after me and told everyone that the pulpit was soaking wet....not fair.

P.S. Please forgive me now, for my post tomorrow morning. I really am trying to be a better mommy.


  1. good job! It's scary to get up there!

  2. Were you wearing your cute outfit?

  3. gotta love a good opening line for testimony mtg.

  4. OH I so hate it when that happens...you're sitting in church...minding your own busines...enjoying everyone elses testimonies...then it hits you..the heart starts going a mile a minute...you get that warm burning...you try SO HARD to resist...you beg for it to stop..please not this time PLEEEEASE...and you know if you don't stand up you will explode. Sometimes I think Heavenly Father doesn't play fair!


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