because we just had family prayer and by the end were on the floor laughing in hysterics. To preface the story...the kids were kind of being goofy before the prayer and Kaia was laughing so hard she was drooling. Hubs started the prayer and for some reason, decided right then and there to get goofy too. The prayer...no joke...went like this.

"Please bless the kids tomorrow to have a good day at school and that Kaia would not drool so we won't act like fools. Please bless Blake with soft stool. Please bless us to be cool and work hard so we might one day be able to get a pool."

At this point we are laughing so hard, but what was funny was Daddy was shushing us up so he could continue.

"Please bless us to have a good night and bless us not to fight so we might be able to fly a kite."

He shushed us once again and continued with, "Please bless us to feel good, in the hood, like we should." By this time I was crying and making no laughing noises out loud because I was laughing so hard. Hubs somehow kept it all together and finished the prayer with the things we had asked him to include in our family prayer.

It was a sweet moment....going from absolute silliness to knowing when to get serious and ended our night on a positive note. I do believe God has a sense of humor. I hope he enjoyed tonight watching a family play and pray together. I want to believe he smiled down on us tonight and laughed right along with us.



  1. ROTFL! That is so funny! My sides are in stitches. Love it! And yes, I believe God does have a sense of humor. ;)

  2. ROTFL! That is so funny! My sides are in stitches. Love it! And yes, I believe God does have a sense of humor. ;)

  3. That's is so HYSTERICAL!!! I almost wet myself!

  4. i am pretty sure that God WAS laughing with you.

    happy family!!

  5. God's got a sense of humor...especially when he sees families laughing and playing like you.

  6. Hahaha that's too funny!~ I'm sure He does have a sense of humor :)

  7. No doubt He has a sense of humour and I have no doubt he was smiling down on a loving family. This made me a little teary too :)

  8. hey april,

    no, you did not offend. i am with you on the prop 8 stuff. however, you have never been on my "friends" list. not that i don't consider you a friend...it's just that i haven't updated the "friends" list in eons. literally. i actually do need to do quite a bit of updating! so look for yourself soon!

  9. OK...this could well be my most favorite blog post story ever. I just know that Heavenly Father was up there stifling a laugh...and shaking his head at the love and sweet family bond that you all share. I was so touched by the story of your sons birth. Heck I may just move in here...it's such a happy warm loving place! Thanks for sharing your amazing family with all of us.


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