a pizza slice this big?(I mean look at it compared to the size of his mouth and head!)

a pizza this large?

a pizza box this big?

and last, but definitely not least, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN....

someone dressed soooo wrong?

I said, "Kaia, smile and I will pretend to take your picture." I know so mean, but I could not resist. While we were eating pizza in Encinitas on our summer vacation, this pretty little "Don't" was hanging out next to us. There are so many things wrong with her outfit on so many different levels I don't know where to begin. I'm not sure if the fanny pack was the biggest offender, or the red suede boots with, over the knee striped socks and a tank top took first place. And don't forget the short shorts tying the whole outfit together. I just wanted to say two words to her...."purse" and "flip flops" sweetie. I am thinking about dressing up for halloween as HER! I was a hooker one year when I was around 12 years old. I still can't believe my mother let me be that, but this costume would def take the cake as my best!


  1. That is so funny. Too bad, because she looks like she is a really pretty girl. Wow! That is really bad.

  2. I love that girls outfit, I dress like that all the time! What is wrong with it? Just kidding! Man that is some serious pizza. I too can't believe your mom let you be a hooker???

  3. ummm YUUUUMMMMM that pizza is awesome. and yeah I don't care what she's wearing can i have her legs please? I promise to use them for good, rather then...well whatever she was going for!

  4. There is a place called Big Lou's (I think that's the name) that makes them that big here. Some of my hubby's guys/workers will get one from time to time.

  5. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

    oh honey you need to come to my dirty little town where this site is NOT uncommon.

    it is so bad that my daughter (13) has started pointing out "fanny pack faux paux". not cute.

  6. Can I just say, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I'm having the best time, camped out at my computer, reading and getting to know you and your family.


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