Family Home Evening was a success last night! We all sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" while Kaia lead us and Blake played the air guitar. Dave gave our opening prayer and I talked for a few minutes about Why we have become a peaceful and happy family and how a little bit of scripture study on our part follows with great blessings from our Heavenly Father.

We also are still working on our 72 Hour Emergency Kits. We have all our water now and this week we are working on 'lights'. We will need to buy 4 headlamps and batteries (we already have 2 of those wind up flashlights). I was intending on going for ice cream as our activity/dessert but Kaia still had homework to do after gymnastics and dinner so we didn't start FHE until 8:00pm. At one point I told Blake that if he wasn't going to be respectful during our little lesson that he wouldn't be able to participate in the FUN. Well you should have seen me multi-task. Keep teaching lesson, while trying to decide FUN FAST GAME. I came up with a winner. One I am sure will quickly become 'family tradition'.

We sang "Do As I'm Doing" with each family member taking a turn with deciding what action we would have to do. Here's is how it went. I only wished I had our tripod set up for it.

Blake up first....he picked hop like frogs. Well that was hilarious, especially watching Dave and I hopping like frogs around our kitchen/family room with all the blinds open.

Dave up second...he picked hop on one foot (boring...but Blake's big accomplishment so it was nice of him)

Kaia was third up...but I will save it for last...it was the best.

I was fourth up....my famous disco move. Stand with legs apart while pointing on finger to the sky and then crossing it in front of your body and pointing it to the ground.

Kaia had us all do the 'sprinkler' and oh was it funny. You know it is the one where you grab one foot at you bum and move your knee forwards and backwards while taking your other arm and outstretching it while moving in a clicking sprinkler type action.

I am sore today, not only from the frog jumping and the 'sprinkler' but also from laughing so hard! How was your Monday night/FHE?


  1. sounds like fun, great idea for the game, we'll have to steal the idea :)

  2. Sounds like you had lots o' fun! Hey, thanks so much for coming by yesterday and participating in my SITS Featured Blogger Day in the Sun! Hope you come back soon and take a look around-hope you'll find lots of interesting stuff around my place!

  3. Sounds like y'all had a blast!
    Thanks for sharing the bloggy love today on my big SITS day!

  4. Well, all I have to say is our Monday night was your typical Osbourne's (woops...I mean Odell's) night! Hahaha...I'm telling you...video would be much better than blogging in my household! Sounds like you are having fun with family night!
    Love ya, Jill


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