A conversation between me and Dave in the kitchen last night.

Dave - Did you just see the dog smile?
Me - Uh no.
Dave - You were just looking at her, I can't believe you missed it.
Me - Dave, hunny, I don't think the dog smiles.
Dave - Uh huh...she smiles at me all the time.

Dave tells me all the time that the dog smiles....and he is dead serious. I have looked several times and I don't understand what he sees. I mean I am the one that feeds her, gets her clean water, gets the goo out of her eyes and picks up her poop. You would think if she was going to smile for anyone, it would be me. But then again, babies do the same thing to their mothers...they say "da da" first.

Here ARE a few dogs smiling. I'll post one of Zoe when I finally see it. Enjoy. And happy Friday.


  1. Haha. I don't know if I want a dog to smile at me...

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

  2. Good Afternoon! I'm visiting from SITS. My dogs smile at me all the time....especially when they come in from outside and I give them their treats! I've been scanning through your archives and I'll be coming back to visit! You've got a lot of really great posts!


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