2 THINGS....

1. Look what I made yesterday at our first Chicks in Aprons get together...
that's right folks, that's my very own....not the $65 Pottery Barn one!


2. my oven has never seen this.....

in fact, I have never even bought Easy-Off Oven Cleaner before....which, yes, means that in the 8 years we have lived here, my oven has NEVER been cleaned. {even though it has a little self-cleaning thingy on it}

It looks so good now...nice and clean!


  1. I love this ! How did you get the
    veins in the leaves ?
    Love the Chicks in Aprons.
    I am guilty of wearing an apron
    everyday at home, to cook in, clean in, etc. It's very June Cleaver.

    ( I have no idea how to comment
    since I don't have a blog anymore)

  2. The leaves turned out really cute! And I too have a spotless oven...and I've NEVER cleaned it...of course I've never used it either!

  3. What pretty leaves!

    I HATE cleaning my oven. I don't think I've cleaned it since we moved into our house... three years ago. I have run the "self clean" cycle once... I think!

  4. I love your leaves, it looks great!

    I have to admit I have never cleaned my own oven. Every time I have a baby my mom comes and does it for me, along with my microwave! Maybe if I wait on the bathroom... Okay I have to do that myself.

  5. I used to clean my oven... until we moved three years ago. I hate this oven so it receives no special treatment from me. When it learns to cook at the proper set temperature and cook evenly at least twice in a row, it may earn itself a nice cleaning. Until then... (well, it's getting scary)!

  6. congrats on being Saucy this week. I love your leaf creation - so pretty! And clean ovens are definitely over rated!

  7. Okay, so how did you make the little leaf decoration? Sooo cute! and my oven looks just as bad in only three years of being in our house. I'll have to get some of that easy off clean stuff...

  8. i want leaf instructions, too! i'm all about making my own pb stuff!

  9. those leaves are DARLING!!

    i love a self cleaning oven...why bother with scrubbing? silly girlie!


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