100th POST

Would you look at that....I've reached a little bloggy milestone. My 100th post! At first I didn't think I would make a big deal over it....I mean....the pressure! What do you post for your 100th post? I have decided lots of random thoughts....100 maybe? No, I would never put you through that, but here are a few....

~I loved keeping a journal in high school, in fact, in my senior year I set a goal to write in my journal EVERY single night and I accomplished it. That journal is so fun to read...one night I loved Tim and that week it was all about Tim. Then I went to a party and kissed Toby, and it was all about Toby after that. On a side note, Dave {hubby} was my first kiss and will be my last...but there were many in between! This blog has rekindled my love to write and share my feelings. It is a great outlet for me and it is already fun for me when I see Kaia sit down to read my blog. I remember sitting in the rocking chair and reading my mom's journals when I was a teenager.

~Today I am going HERE....

our local Ladies Activity Club that we formed and quickly renamed....Chicks in Aprons....because Ladies Activity Club sounded too old! We are making the fall garland shown in Pottery Barn and so far cutting out all the felt leaves is a total pain in the a**, and I am starting to think the $65 wasn't a bad price after all! I am looking forward to spending the morning with my Chicks though!

~We have had an incredible busy week...I know boring info...but it is one of those weeks that we have some where to be every single evening. Like yesterday, Kaia had a field trip 8:45 to 3:45, gymnastics from 3:30 to 6:00pm and chorus performance from 6:30 to 8:30pm. One positive note...we are eating out most of this week...although I promise not to make it a habit and will get right back to cooking on Sunday! Oh how I have missed some of my favorite restaurants! Although tonight was deli sandwiches in our car in front of the auditorium...so glam! Nothing like a family dinner around the center console of the car.

~And one final note...{I know I have some tags to catch up on...I'll get to those tomorrow}. A big thank you to all of you who read my blog, support me and send me comment love! I have been connected to old friends, made new friends, and have been able to snoop on my local friends' blogs. Love that! I have been touched, inspired, and brought to laughter through blogging and I can truly say that it makes me want to continue to be a better wife, better mommy and better friend.

So here's to 100! Here's to never being Mother of the Year! Here's to Talent Show, God Speaks, 14 Years, Twilight Has Bit Me, Oh No You Didn't, A Stirring in my Soul, I Heart Blake, We Will Be Starving, With All This Improving, You've Got Mail, A Love Letter/Apology, Favorite Tushy, Standing for Something, Girlfriends...Who Needs Them, and to another 100 posts!

{Don't forget to visit my FunkyVintageKitchen blog site....details in post below...for the apron give-a-way!}


  1. I want to hear some more reminiscing from your senior year journal! Tim S., gotta love him. And Toby, I'd totally forgotten about.

    I really wish I lived there so I could be a Chick in an Apron. I think it's so awesome how tight knit all you Napa girls are!

  2. great post...Happy 100th. i was going to do something big for my 300th but it came and went. oh well i will do something HUGE for my 400th.

  3. Happy 100!! That's awesome. Love your blog and can't wait to check out your Funky Vintage Kitchen site, too. :) Yeah!

  4. Congrats on your 100th posts! I'm coming over from SITS! I still have a little while to make it to my 100th, but it will come!

  5. Congrats on your 100th posts! I'm coming over from SITS! I still have a little while to make it to my 100th, but it will come!

  6. I think I am one of the few bloggers who didn't even notice when they hit their 100th post.

    Congrats on making it to this first milestone.

  7. Congratulations! Blogging is so fun and what a great invention. I have never consistently kept a journal, but I consistently keep a blog and, like you, think of it as my journal.

    Here's to you. :)

  8. Hey April, For your 100th I would like to tell you that you have inspires me to write blogs too. Chrissy told me you write everyday. So I came to check it out, and YOU make me want to write! Have a great weekend and HAPPY 100! ~Cristy Cowell


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