So as I continue to improve, my family is kind of freaking out a little. They aren't quite sure what to do with all this happiness in our home and they seriously don't know how to respond everytime they come from down the hall and see mom in the kitchen preparing something yummy and healthy to eat...whether it be breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner or dessert! Yep, I'm on a roll. Last Sunday they woke up to banana bread and cantalope, this Sunday...hot cinnamon rolls and fruit salad in a little fluted bowl at each place setting. The other night I served vanilla ice cream with fresh raspberries on top. I am talking sweeter, wearing aprons, making cakes and frosting from scratch, humming while folding laundry, using placemats and cloth napkins (which we did in the past...love cloth napkins), planning meals, etc. Just call me BETTY, my friends have...except I prefer it the more hipper way spelled BETTE!

Here are some things that have changed in our home....

1. Blake uses words now not WHINE most of the time.

2. Blake and Kaia are keeping their hands off each other.

3. Mommy has only used her growling voice twice (seriously in the last 3 weeks....heavenly)!

4. Kaia's tone is nicer and she is not yelling at Blake all the time...well that is because Blake is not hitting her all the time anymore.

5. Mommy and Daddy are more respectful to each other and more grateful for each other. For example like how I handled when I found daddy last Sunday here...

He had been gone all weekend and the kids were really anxious to spend time with him on Sunday afternoon. I told him "no naps" this afternoon, that we would all go to bed early. Well he snuck into our closet, shut the door quietly and took a little nap. Dave doesn't wake up good from naps, he is actually pretty crabby...well when I opened the door and he saw the camera and that I had caught him, he wasn't happy. But because I was improving, when he went to give me "the bird" (remember he is a little rebellious) I quickly closed my eyes so I would not see it so as to not ruin the loving feelings I was having for him! Now if I could just get him to learn how to close his ears when I accidently start nagging!

6. Mommy and Daddy are keeping our hands off Blake while disciplining him (i.e. pushing him off my leg, grabbing and/or squeezing arm with force to try to stop his bad behavior, grabbing arm to take down hall, popping him in the mouth, etc etc...you know all the things you do when desperate) since he got in trouble for pushing and using his hands roughly with other classmates during school hours.

7. Blake is keeping his hands to himself at school!

8. We are eating at our dining room table each evening and everyone is helping in the kitchen for dinner.

Pretty much our home actually feels like a little slice of heaven thanks in large part to all my improving! Just Kidding. The whole family is in on it. And we are going on week 4. Kaia actually came down the hall the other evening and said, "Mommy, I feel so happy. Our house is so happy. I am actually happy to help you out with things around the house." How sweet it is to feel this joy and happiness in our home. Who would have guessed that the actually saying "No ones happy when mommy isn't happy, or stressed, or unorganized in her kitchen" is true. I am happy. I am loving trying to be a more nuturing and loving mother. I am loving relying on my Heavenly Father for help in improving my mothering skills. I am loving studying the doctrine of the gospel through personal scripture study. I am loving serving my family happily. I am loving my family!

Now you go girl....start stirring, cuz I still am!


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  2. That is so awesome April! I have really felt the same way. Ever since Time Out. It is really great.

  3. awww I love it when everyone is in their happy place! good for you with all the cooking at home and all. You've also totally inspired me I have cleaned out my kitchen, girls room, and closets :)

  4. It's been fun to live so long on the "time out" high! I am so glad we went...

  5. Did I see Go Girl. I LOVE Go Girls!!! I would need to drink about 5 a day to keep up with what you are doing! Jill

  6. i am REALLY impressed. you are motivation for me!


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