Our sweet Kaia is really aware right now about eating healthy and having snacks that will fuel her body for her 3 hour gymnastic work-outs 3 times a week. She asked for a snack the other day and I made some edamame (soy beans) for all of us to snack on. Imagine my surprise when I came back into the room to get a bite and Kaia had finished the whole plate herself! You go girl.
P.S. And just so you can feel our "pain" of what we have to live with right now...this is what she just said to her daddy while eating today's snack...Sunday nachos..."If an orange is called an orange, shouldn't a lemon be called yellow. And if humans get chicken pox, do chickens get human pox. And if one pom pom is called a pom pom does that make two of them pom pom pom poms?" and then pointing her finger to her chin she says, "These are the questions that haunt me." Her humor is never ending.


  1. I hate to admit this, but I regularly eat 1 pound of edamame BY MYSELF. Like once or twice a week. :S I can't help it! It's so good!

  2. Payten LOVES edemame....I do to!!! yum yum


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