There are often times throughout the day that I pass by my bedroom and think..."Awe, that bed looks so darn good to me right now, I could just crawl in."

Here's why....

1. We have a great mattress (and it wasn't even that expensive). We have tried to add things to make it even more great...but end up taking it off and enjoying it just as we bought it.

2. The blankets are warm and feathery feeling.

3. I don't have children crawling all over me in there. (Never have let children in our bed except for on Saturday mornings which always turns into a giggle fest.)

4. My childhood blanket is tucked safely under my pillow. (Well it is a replacement to my childhood blanket ((a story for another day))...but exactly the same type and color.)

5. Mr. Kennedy is there with me. (I def NEED him because I LOVE him!)

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