A week ago today Dave and I drove Kaia to her first gymnastics competition that was held in Petaluma, about 1 hour from Napa. The whole drive there I kept thinking that 24 years ago my parents had been doing the same thing...driving me to all of my gymnastic competitions. Kaia was nervous but excited and I actually stayed really calm through the whole event. (When Kaia sings solos I am a nervous wreck.) She did an AMAZING job. She started on beam as the second girl up and got a very impressive 8.175. She was solid and said the nerves went away as soon as she mounted the beam. She followed on floor, being first one up with an also impressive 8.175. When I competed, it took me a few competitions to start scoring in the 8's. She next went on to vault and scored an 8.225 and ended with bars, which is her least favorite event and still scored a 7.3. She was pleased with all of her performances. We were the most proud parents ever. I told Kaia while driving to the competition that by her getting to this point in gymnastics was what made me most proud and that it didn't really matter how well she did at her first competition...that I was already so proud of her dedication to this sport. How excited we were when she placed and medaled 7th on balance beam and 10th over-all! You keep going girl!


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