Sweet Assistant and SUPER BETTE

I was making crepes this morning with fresh cantaloupe for breakfast (not because I am trying to be SUPER BETTE, but because we were completely out of milk and it was the only thing I had in the cupboard that said, "JUST ADD WATER") and while I was making the crepes at the stove Blake came up behind me and said, "Mommy, don't you want this?" as he handed me my apron. Oh I could just eat him up sometimes. What a sweet cooking assistant he is. I'll keep him.....TODAY.


  1. if your so good at cooking now(only took 14 years) you can find domestic bliss by making my LUNCH!!!!!!! start today

  2. that was sweet hubs by the way and I warned him before we got married that I did not clean out the fridge and that I DID NOT make lunches.

    However, I do make some sort of lunch for my children, but c'mon hubs gets up and leaves by 6:30am and if I did everything else I am doing plus get up that early I would be ridiculed by other women! At least that is what I tell myself so that I can stay in bed a little longer in the morning!


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