Dave and I sat and read the Word of Wisdom last night together from the Doctrine and Covenants Section 89. We are trying to eat healthier and I have a strong desire to just improve...period.

I was a little surprised that in the meat sparingly phrase it included fowls. I had always been under the assumption that it was red meat. Darn. So we decided together that we would try to follow better. We would strive to eat fish, grains and beans at least 4-5 nights, chicken/turkey 2 nights and have red meat as a treat every two weeks or so. This would be our start. Now this means that I have to start cooking at home. Which is another serious goal for me. I first need to clean out my kitchen space though.

What I was most disappointed to read about though was the hot drinks thing again. I guess I will just have to start ordering my Hot Chocolate....warm!

P.S. Dave and I were wondering if we could really start making our own wine...it said as long as it was pure wine from grapes and it is the hard liquor (or strong drink) we should stay away from! We just might get more Mormons in the valley after all. (I'm being very sarcastic for those who don't know me well.)

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