So some Sundays Blake is really reluctant to go to Primary. I am the nursery leader and cannot take the time to fight this when it happens. Blake knows that if he comes into the nursery with me he has to get a chair and place it off in the corner and sit there and just watch. He cannot participate. Some Sundays he is happy as a clam to sit there the whole time, but most times he ends up heading to Primary on his own when he is ready.

Well today was one of those days. He sat content off in the corner of the Nursery. About 15 minutes into nursery time our nursery doors flew open. There standing at the door was Blake's primary teacher, Sweet Sister Graham, with his two other classmates. All had magnifying glasses in hand held up to eye and they exclaimed they were searching for their classmate Blake. Sister Graham tried to get Blake to come with her but with no response from the turd himself. (yes I just called my son a turd.) Sweet Sister Graham then handed the snacks for the day to Blake and told him that he would be her snack helper. She actually left the snacks with Blake in the nursery with his own magnifying glass and told him that it would be snack time when Blake went searching for his class. Low and behold five minutes later, Blake stood up and walked to class with magnifying glass put safely in his shirt pocket. I asked him if he knew he was loved and if he felt loved by his teacher and classmates and he said "yes". Thank you Sweet Sister Graham for caring and loving Blake so much.

(I took a picture with my phone of his classmates at the nursery door with magnifying glasses but can't for the life of me figure out how to transfer the pictures to my computer.)


  1. and THAT is why I love my mother-in-law so much.

  2. Isn't Sister Graham so awesome. I know William just loves being in her class. She definitely goes above and beyond in her calling!


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