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So I have decided to add a "quote of the day" to the side of my blog. In my opinion, quotes can do many things for you. They can make you laugh, they can make you ponder, they can stir emotions, they can bring back a memory, they can be just silly little sayings, they can be satirical, they can do lots of things. I hope you enjoy my quotes for each day. I will try to stay balanced. You know one funny, one serious, one outlandish, one spiritual because I believe in being well-rounded! Of course, as most of you can guess, I will start with the outlandish one.
"Covet...because sometimes want is too small a word." from www.wecovet.com
Now about this quote today. I would like to clarify one thing. Sisters, if you find yourself coveting and don't want to find yourself in serious sin....purchase that thing which you covet and coveting you will no longer be!

For example...I coveted this bedroom set and bedding...so I bought it!

I am pretty much coveting anything with birds on it right now. I also bought this......

So again, Sisters, start purchasing and stop coveting unless that is you will have to go in to debt to stop coveting...than I am not sure which is the more serious sin. You should pray about it because I am sure Heavenly Father would have different answers for different people. I covet...therefore I shop!

I am really just having fun with all this and I hope you guys all get it. I just really love the word "covet" right now. It is just a fun word to use instead of "want"!


  1. Whatever!

    April, your Mom posted a comment on our blog and asked us to pray for your brother. What's up? Should you choose to inform me between shopping, or wanting or coveting, I'd be appreciative.
    Stay well,

  2. Be careful what you covet, because that friend of yours with the comforter on the end of her bed might just have to covet the same exact things!

  3. You're awesome

    We will pray that the Lord will consider your brother and his family, and that His will be done. Thanks for the update. Stay strong.

  4. Gorgeous stuff! Love it! (Love is not a sin) I am so sorry about your brother, I will keep him in my prayers.

  5. Hi (I am here via C-Jane)... I think I covet your bedding? Would it be too rude of me to ask where you purchased such lovely linens?


I heart comments! Just one rule that I'm sure your momma taught you...if you don't have anything nice to say...please don't say anything at all!

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