The Modest Bikini

I have been reading Seriously So Blessed's blog and have recently found out that modest bikinis are all the rage in SLC right now with young righteous girls. I just might need to get that tummy tuck after all!


  1. tummy tuck, maybe... but don't do anything to that behind 'cuz your body's so bootylicious!

  2. Oh no! And all this time I have thought my righteousness was protecting me from ever having to bare my post 4 baby tummy to the poor unsuspecting world. Such a bummer that they changed the rules!

    I'm so excited that you found me April and yes of course, stalk away I added you to mine and can't wait to keep up with your family! We think of our Napa friends all the time and I've often wondered how you were doing. Your family is as cute as ever and you are as glam as ever. LOL at materialism makes me cry. I love that blog too! Maybe you should get the t-shirt. ;)

    How is Toni? Tell her I say hi!
    Hey, did you know Amander Giles has a blog? I have the link on mine.

    Keep in touch!

  3. Well d'oh! Yes I see you found the Giles. Excuse my cluelessness.


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