I must start by saying, "I have really good friends!" Not only are they cheaper than therapy, but they are also cheaper than hiring a professional organizer to come in and make my house a 'house of order'. Many thanks to Carla, Lynnette and Stephanie for keeping me company, keeping me moving and motivated and physically helping to clean out and arrange my cupboards. And Stephanie's professional organizing skills were so nice to have for free! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

before pics of kitchen....uugh

After pics....Awe!

I got my master bedroom closet done too. Here is the one before and afters!


  1. Stephanie,
    Will you come and organize my house?
    Everything looks fabulous! And, I love all of your way cute shoes.

  2. OMG do your friends make housecalls to Temecula? I mean it would be a really fun road trip, we could scrapbook after, I'm just sayin, I really need this in my house!!! I'm so jealous!

  3. it looks so good i wish i would've started out that way when i was unpacking wedding presents.. by the way we have a lot of same martha stewart blue stuff in our kitchen!!! ;) Yayyy how cute!


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