Here are a few reasons why someone might think I am a little "crunchy" (my word for hippyish or earthy).

1. I just moved our recycling bin as close to the back kitchen door as possible. (not only to try to use it more often, but to have to walk LESS to use it!)

2. My bath mat is made of river stones. (It feels great on the feet.)

3. I own a T-shirt that says, "HUG A TREE". (It was brown and turquoise...it could have said anything and I would have bought it in those colors.)

4. I have purchased a few items from an eco-friendly store. (DUH...they were too die for!)

5. I just bought a hobo style bag. (rich patent leather in espresso brown does the hobo part count?)

6. I buy organic milk.

7. AND I signed Hubs up for a Build it Green conference in Santa Cruz for this weekend so we can be a certified green builder here in Napa Valley. (It's the hippest thing going right now...and I like to stay hip!)

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  1. your a total yippy---90% yuppie 10%hippie(the 10% smelly french) stop being a poser and go green!!!!!
    love your hubby


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