With Dave in the business he is in, I see new updated, amazing kitchens on a regular basis. It is hard sometimes to come home to our sweet 1300 sq. ft. home and appreciate all we have here. The biggest change that has taken place in the kitchen is that the microwave is no longer mounted above the stove. In it's place are amazing and very modern stainless steel hoods. I tried hard to reconfigure our "out-dated" kitchen plan without ripping out all the cabinets in order to accomodate this new "style". Then one day is dawned on me....I didn't have to accomodate the newest style, I could savily say," I have a 'VINTAGE' kitchen." I love walking into my kitchen completely content saying, "it's so vintage!"


  1. Oh man how you would covet mine. It is truly, genuinely completely 100% vintage, complete with pink (P I N K) formica counter-tops. AND My range/oven/appliances/utensils are all vintage AND bottom of the line. You would just *die* of covetousness.

    Is that your kitchen in that photo? If so..I covet. Vintage-ly located microwave oven and all.

  2. Gosh, if yours is Vintage, mine just must be Napa (do you get it??) I'm not sure what style mine would be called,....just junk, trash...UGLY??? I'm not sure Ugly is a style, but it's what I've got.


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