So I'm cleaning today and as the saying goes, "one persons trash is another's treasure." I have about had it with my closet and all the cupboards in my kitchen. Everyone always comments that my house is clutter free. You just haven't seen some of my cupboards or garage! I will definitely be taking a before and after shot because the "after" feels sooo dang good.
So here is my offer.....anyone who wants to come keep me company today anytime from about 10:30 am until about 3:00 pm or just pop in will have first dibs at my "do not need anymore" pile. Now I'm not saying that you want my trash, but from my past experiences (and my husband will completely vouch for me, as will my sister, my neighbor, Sarah, and probably my mother-in-law!) I usually have over-bought and my trash is still in perfectly great condition maybe even still "covet" worthy! I hope to have many visitors before Hubs gets home so he doesn't have a chance to see the "do not need" pile at its largest!
And just to clear up any misconception about that last statement...hubs would never start a fight over my "do not need" pile...he will just roll his eyes and say "don't put it in my garage!" Besides, I crawled into bed early with hubs last night, to cuddle of course!, so he should still have very loving feelings towards me that should last through the day!


  1. wait a minute...your sister ALWAYS gets first dibs...not fair. You better save me some stuff. Jill

  2. I had so much fun today! I will work for food (especially Papa Joe's) ANY TIME!!!

  3. Your trash is AWESOME! hehe deffinately my treasures! THANK YOU


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