I scored these today at a great little boutique in Napa for only $24.99! Very Anthropologie looking. How exciting is that! In honor of Stephanie's "Venus and Serenas", I will name them....how about...Mary and Jane. I know...not quite as creative as Stephanie...at least the shoes are awesome! Too bad I missed BOGO by one day!

***Give-A-Way Time....whoever guesses the boutique correctly first will receive a $10 gift certificate there. The hint to the boutique is in the post! Good Luck!


  1. And what boutique is this? Those shoes are so cute, they make me want to fan my eyes!

  2. Is the name Mary Jane? This is your mom speaking and I'm not sure I want $10 to that store. Reminds me of your "Sister Hosking/Karen Buttle" shoes! Glad Time Out for Women was good for the soul. We need that now and again. Have a good day tomorrow.

    Love you - Mom xoxoxxo

  3. That boutique has got to be Payless Shoe Source if you're referring to BOGO. I hope I'm right. By the way, love, love, love Mary and Jane! Way too cute. I can't wait to hear if I won.

  4. are they still there? they're so cute i want to eat them!


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