How Many Points Would That Be?

I had THE BEST WEEKEND EVER which I am hoping to have time this afternoon to post all about! But one question has been on my mind from this weekend and it goes like this.....You know when you go to Relief Society and they make you empty your purse and you get so many points for each item in your purse that might be helpful for emergency preparedness...you know 3 points for a band-aid, 2 points for a cell phone, 5 points for a granola bar, 2 points for tissue, and so on and so on.....I'm just wondering how many points Josie would get for the poop in her purse?

Love ya Josie, even though I don't think you read my blog....I have read your whole blog this morning while Blake has been at school....yup will def have to lie to hubby when he asks "what did you get done in the office this morning?" we have tons in common, well except for the poop story, although I do have quite a few poop stories myself....but they involve Blake, and told Lisa at our weekend that I loved her friends...though it didn't surprise me and I had a sneaky suspicion that I would instantly like you guys if you loved Lisa! And to everyone who was at the conference....sorry this is blogged and not hand-written!


  1. I looked at Josie's blog too, Sara's too...I loved Lisa's friends, I loved Lisa too, since I just met her Friday. I loved this weekend, and can't wait for next year. I guess I love a lot of things. It was fun to see you this weekend! I want a hand written letter.

  2. I'm so glad that you liked my friends. They had a great time too. I emailed Josie and told her to take a look at your blog and read your love fest! I'm so glad that I got to go last weekend. I had a blast too! Hey, and I want a hand written letter too.

  3. ooh i feel kind of celebrity status right now. except i'm sitting in my g top and bottoms in a rocking chair in my bedroom which kind of lessens the moment but whatever.

    and the correct answer is 10 points. i've heard there are MANY uses for poop, one of which is scaring away terrorists in case of an attack. very handy.

    and i had such a great weekend too! and one of the best highlights was meeting stylish little you and your friends. start selling jewelry already so i can come to your party!

  4. move over Venus and Serena... You have serious competion in the poo totin' gal, Josie! I had a blast this weekend.


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