Growing Behind.

Ok....so I am not talking literally about MY behind, although it is growing at a rate a little faster than I would want it to...the belly is going at the same rate as well as the thighs! But here I sit, eating a whole bag of Andes mints and Ghiradelli Chocolates filled with caramel. I did finish off the fruit dip today also (you know the one with marshmellow creme and cream cheese) although I didn't have any fruit left....so I just used a spoon to dip into the bowl! And a girls weekend is quickly approaching which always means lots of good food and candy. BUT what I am really talking about is my blog postings.

I feel like I change my backgrounds more often than I post. So beware...I may just have the most postings for a single day here in the next few days as I get caught up...starting with graduation (yes, the beginning of June) all the way through our most recent Labor Day trip to Coloma Resort where we tubed down the river as a family and enjoyed 3 days of camping and, again, eating ridiculously good food...hence the description of food eaten today above...all left over from camping weekend. Next time, it is going straight from trailer to dumpster....not passing through house, and lips, and stomach, and butt, and thighs and so on!


  1. I'm so glad that you're back to blogging. I've totally missed your posts and can't wait to catch up with all of your stories from this summer!

  2. yay!!! i love reading your blog! i've been trying to get better about mine too :)

  3. Heehee- the mark of a good vacation is the expanding size of your butt print. I know it's funny, I grant you permission to quote me...


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