Yes, I am talking about your bra size! I bought this great bra at Victoria's Secret about a year ago. It is the Secret Embrace push-up bra. You can go google it yourself if you want to see it...I didn't want to post a half-naked women on my blog and ruin the spirit here! So here is the story.

I have always been a 38B. A nice size, one to be happy with. I mean...it's not an A cup. I went into VS to get a new bra last year. I was so excited about this new secret embrace bra. Not only is it super comfy, but rounds you out nicely...very important for the side view! I was so mad that they didn't carry it in my size. (It seems that VS stopped making 38Bs in most styles because it wasn't a very popular size.) The VS sales lady (very young inexperienced girl there) said "oh you just need to get the next size up. You'll be fine...it's lightly padded." So I bought it...took it home and low and behold it just didn't fit right. It gapped on me up top...very frustrating. I went back to wearing my old bras.

About six months ago I went back to VS. I told the new sales lady (very experienced and my age) what my issue was. She said, "Hunny...a 36D is the new sizing for a 38B...they are the same size cup essentially." Woohoo...now that size is SOMETHING to be proud of.

So I have a brand new, in perfect condition, Victoria's Secret Secret Embrace Push-Up Bra in Nude. It's up for grabs for free if you are a 38C! If there are multiple 38Cers, I will draw for a winner. I don't even mind mailing it to a total stranger (if strangers even read my blog!).
(this is not my give-a-way that is so covetous (although this bra is covet worthy) that I have spoken about previously...that will be sometime this week...so check back soon.)
I have planned a way fun FHE for tonight. I will post pics and review tomorrow!


  1. I'm not sure if it would fit, but I would love to try because who doesn't love a good VS bra, especially when it's free. When is a good time for me to come over? Don't you just love how I'm trying to get it?

  2. Do you keep forgetting about your sister? Hum....

  3. Alas my 32B's do not qualify but what a great giveaway and that's good info. :)

  4. Hey, don't knock us poor little A cups. :( It's not my fault the Boob Train passed me by in Heaven. :(


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