The winner of the $10 gift card to the cute "boutique" in Napa, otherwise known as Payless Shoe Source, is Lisa Hiserman! Congrats. Now ladies, I usually don't covet much in Payless....but you have to agree with me, the shoes were worth purchasing.

Lisa, now go find a different cute pair...you aren't allowed to buy the same ones! There was a cute pair of peep toed brown tweed mjs too. Totally TDF (too die for). I am going to try to do give-aways more often because they are too much fun. I will pick something way more covetous next time. Enjoy, Lisa.

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  1. Thanks April! I'm so excited about my gift card. I'd like to thank all of the little people who helped me know the ins and outs of the Payless boutique. I couldn't have done this without you. I promise I won't buy the same pair, even though it will be very difficult because those were way cute shoes.


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