Oh No You Didn't!

So because I didn't dream about Edward (see post below), my friend,Stephanie, had the nerve to call me "a Jacob girl". First of all let me tell you I don't go for guys with long black hair, pulled back in a ponytail and probably braided! I also don't go for the reserved guys living on reservations. I got quite a wild one myself with Dave and maybe that is why I haven't dreamed of Edward! I must retract my statement about Edward not being "my type". Come to think about it most everything about him is my type (except for the vampirish tendancies). I go for the wild, passionate, slightly rebellious type who allow me to live dangerously through them (except once I start dating them....they always take a turn for the good!). Defnitely NOT Jacob! Thanks for opening my eyes, Stephanie!


  1. I wish I had a witty reply to this post... but I was laughing too hard and the tears in my eyes prevented my from writing a longer comment. All I have to say is... I love you, April!!!

  2. HEY HEY HEY now don't go crazy and get all mean. I'm a Jacob lover! ok well really both but i like Jacob, ok and long hair or not if you see who they got to play his part he's a total cutie...too young for me since i'm soooo old but still cute! I mean I love Edward too, i'm pretty equally torn but i really like jacob, he cracks me up and i love the love/hate relationship he has with bella, i guess it seems more real to me. mushy stuff is fun but it does get old. I'm interested to see your opinion after reading all of them. i'm not done with the last yet but anyways, as far as the actual personality i have always tended to go for the Jacob type. and you can't deny a tall dark handsom WARM guy. hehe again i'm torn but back up off of my man!!!

  3. Hey april I have a blinkie for you,LOL

    check your email, yes it is related to this latest post of yours! :)


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