Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend!

The Cutest Blog on the Block has done it again! They make up the most amazing blog backgrounds ever. And to think I am not even getting paid for this advertisement!


  1. Well.....I thought for sure when I read the title to this post that Dave had bought you some big bling!! Shux!

    It is a cute background...

    How was Blakes first day yesterday?


  2. Okay, you have to show me how to change my background. I need to learn. It's driving me crazy. Hope the kids had a great 1st day of school.

  3. April,
    You crack me up!
    Thanks for your comment and yes you will now find your blog among the "family"
    We won't have too much to say for a while, but expect lots of photos and commentary once we get to Africa. That's after the 36 hours it will take us to get from SLC to Johannesburg.
    Be good
    Love Jim & Reenie


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