A Woman has the Right to Change her Mind!

I love, love, love the cutest blog on the block website. I love being able to change my background with my moods, holidays, ever changing favorite colors, etc. I also love that others have found this wesite and are changing theirs regularly too! I have so much to catch up on with my blogging....which is so overwhelming. Plus Big Brother has started...and although it has not yet consumed me...I am checking in with my online chat friends daily to keep up-to-date on my reality obsession. I also have decided that even though I am not fond of vampire anything...I MUST read Twilight and add Edward Cullen to my list of obsessions. Does anyone have a paperback copy to loan out?

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  1. I love, love, love changing my background too- especially because you don't lose anything from the side bar!. Thanks for turning my on to it. So, April- here's a great memory I have of you. I loved it when you came out to my car wearing a beehive wig. I laughed sooo hard! I also had so much fun at girls' camp talking about everything. One thing I remember, too- I was wearing a black dress to church one Sunday. You were pregnant with Blake. It was before you knew what sex the baby was, so we were discussing names. You said the choices were, Blake and Elle. I totally wanted you to have a girl because I love the name Elle! I said it out loud and then said, "It'll probably be a boy, because I I told you I like the name 'Elle' better!"


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