We Are Off!

We are off on our very last minute planned week vacation to the San Diego area. We packed up our car this morning, have surfboard strapped on top of car and have been listening to surf music. Sooooo fun! We are staying the first three nights with our dear friends the Baldinis in Carlsbad. Planning on going to the beach, Legoland, the amazing Premium outlets, and surf shops. Wednesday is our 14th wedding anniversary and we will be heading into San Clemente where we spent our 12th anniversay two years ago in the red VW bus that is pictured in our very first slide show on this blog! We have still not finalized a place to stay yet...but are waiting to hear from a little cottage on the beach that still shows availability....we may just end up at the Walmart sleeping in the back of our car...who knows...that's what's so fun about me and Dave...we are both the same way...totally happy flying by the seat of our pants! We are looking forward to surfing and playing at the beach at the San Clemente Pier and Old Man's Surf spot, eating crepes for breakfast at a little crepe place where you sit right on the street across from the beach in little cafe chairs watching the waves break and again hitting the local surf shops! We are so excited to share this area with our children....just wish we could have rented "Rell" the red VW again with our children....unfortunately because we were so last minute..she was already booked up! Let's keep our fingers crossed that the cottage works out!


  1. I hope you'll call me or email me so we can come down to visit you guys! Let me know your plans for a day you plan to just spend at the beach and we'll be there for sure!! xoxo

  2. Have so much fun, and take tons of pics!!

    Lisa Macomber

  3. I have 3 words for you. I...Hate...You...
    Just kidding, hate is a strong word, but I admit I am terribly, horribly jealous. Have fun!


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